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Gene Review

PPM1B  -  protein phosphatase, Mg2+/Mn2+ dependent, 1B

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: PP2C-beta, PP2C-beta-X, PP2CB, PP2CBETA, PPC2BETAX, ...
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High impact information on PPM1B

  • PP2Cbeta association with the IKK complex led to the dephosphorylation of IKKbeta and decreased its kinase activity [1].
  • Collectively, these results indicate that PP2Cbeta negatively regulates the TAK1 signaling pathway by direct dephosphorylation of TAK1 [2].
  • In contrast, dephosphorylation proceeded more slowly with CDK2(Ser-160) than with wild-type CDK2, either in HeLa cell extract or by purified PP2Cbeta [3].
  • Overexpression of PP2Cbeta under CMV-promoter in 293 cells led to cell-growth arrest or cell death [4].
  • The results provide novel insights in endothelial apoptosis and suggest that PP2Cbeta participates in the development and progress of atherosclerosis [5].

Biological context of PPM1B

  • The cloning expression and tissue distribution of human PP2Cbeta [6].
  • We have cloned a novel PP2Cbeta isoform from a human liver cDNA library which codes for a protein homologous to other mammalian PP2Cbetas at the N-terminus but with an extended C-terminus that is unique amongst the PP2Cs [6].
  • Lipophilic compounds that stimulated PP2Cbeta activity in vitro were found to induce cell death of HUVECs [5].
  • However, basal as well as serum-activated phosphorylation of MKK1alpha, an upstream protein kinase of ERKs, was not affected by PP2Cbeta or PP2Cbeta-1 [7].
  • Transient transfections of COS or BHK cells with pCMV2 derived vectors containing these constructs showed that the expressed hybrid protein with the lowest activity (N-terminal tagged < untagged < C-terminal tagged PP2C beta 1) was expressed to the highest level and vice versa [8].

Anatomical context of PPM1B


Associations of PPM1B with chemical compounds


Other interactions of PPM1B

  • The binding of PP2Cbeta to IKKbeta was decreased at early times post-tumor necrosis factor-alpha treatment and was restored at later times following treatment with this cytokine [1].
  • Lipoproteins treated with the lipoprotein lipase, however, stimulated the activity of PP2Cbeta at least 10-fold concomitantly triggering cell death [5].
  • We have recently elucidated the structure of an isoform of the Mg(2+)-dependent protein phosphatase 2C (PP2C beta 1) from rat liver (Wenk, J., H.-I. Trompeter, K.-G. Pettrich, P. T. W. Cohen, D. G. Campbell, G. Mieskes, FEBS Lett. 297, 135-138 (1992)) [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PPM1B

  • In immunofluorescence studies with antibodies specific for the PP2C beta isoform, all overexpressed proteins showed the expected cytoplasmic as well as a significant nuclear localization [8].


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