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Gene Review

MREG  -  melanoregulin

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DSU, Dilute suppressor protein homolog, FLJ10116, HDCGA21P, Melanoregulin, ...
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Disease relevance of MREG


High impact information on MREG

  • Neither low-dose BI alone nor DSU alone reduced FPG, mean 24-h glucose, HbA1c, or basal HGP [1].
  • Subjects were switched to glipizide for 2 months (phase I) to confirm failure (fasting plasma glucose [FPG] 12.0 +/- 0.4 mmol/l) and then randomly assigned into three groups: BI-DSU; BI-no DSU; and DSU-no BI [1].
  • CL in human was predicted by (1) conventional allometric scaling of in vivo animal clearances (CAS), (2) physiologically based direct scaling up of in vitro hepatocyte data (DSU), and (3) allometric scaling of animal intrinsic in vivo blood CL normalized by the ratios of animal:human intrinsic clearances determined in vitro with hepatocytes (NAS) [3].
  • Three of these degradation products, i.e. danshensu (DSU), protocatechuic aldehyde (PRO), and lithospermic acid, were further identified by comparing the retention times with standard samples [4].
  • The biosensor surface was fabricated from a monoclonal antibody for TNT covalently bound to an 11,11'-dithio-bis(succinimidoylundecanoate) (DSU) self-assembled monolayer immobilized on a thin gold film bonded to a BK7 glass slide [5].

Biological context of MREG

  • In the present work, UV irradiation of human serum albumin in the presence of either suprofen (SUP) or its major photoproduct, decarboxylated suprofen (DSUP), has been studied as a model system for drug-photosensitised protein binding [6].

Associations of MREG with chemical compounds

  • Parallel to this, the intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence of HSA decreased when the protein was previously irradiated in the presence of the photoactive compounds, again being DSUP more efficient compared with SUP [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MREG

  • Bacteriological characterization included fluorescence/double sugar urease (King/DSU) screening tests, pyrazinamidase (PYZ), CAMP-reactions and radial immunodiffusion toxigenicity assay [7].


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