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Gene Review

RLF  -  rearranged L-myc fusion

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Rearranged L-myc fusion gene protein, ZN-15L, ZNF292L, Zinc finger protein Rlf, Zn-15-related protein, ...
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Disease relevance of RLF

  • Fifty-nine cases of RLF were detected in a total of approximately 175 examinations for the birth weight category under 1700 gm during a five-year period [1].
  • The development of RLF was associated with prolonged oxygen exposure and the presence of bacterial sepsis [2].
  • Since examinations performed during the fourth fortnight of life were 85% positive for RLF, and since retinal detachment in this condition rarely occurs before age 8 weeks, the present series of cases suggests that the optimal time for a single screening examination for RLF is between 7 and 9 weeks of age [1].
  • In contrast, of the 13 surviving infants in group II (survival 76%), nine were ventilated (median = 8 days), six had moderate to severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia, and six had mild RLF [3].
  • This condition is sometimes confused with retrolental fibroplasia, and FEV is probably a more frequently occurring disease than previously thought, because of confusion with RLF [4].

High impact information on RLF


Biological context of RLF

  • The zinc fingers are not contained in the 79 amino acid N-terminal region of RLF involved in the RLF-L-myc fusions, and the transforming ability of the RLF-L-myc and the normal L-myc proteins is indistinguishable [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of RLF

  • The effect of blood transfusion on the occurrence of RLF was evaluated in 58 infants who weighed less than 1001 g at birth (Group I) and 70 oxygen treated infants of various birth weights (Group II) [9].


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