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Gene Review

RPS18  -  ribosomal protein S18

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: 40S ribosomal protein S18, D6S218E, HKE3, KE-3, KE3, ...
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Disease relevance of RPS18


High impact information on RPS18

  • Two of these clones, designated B9 and E4, were later identified as corresponding to genes coding for the putative ribosomal protein S18 and the bifunctional enzyme ADE2H1 involved in purine biosynthesis, respectively [4].
  • Surprisingly, three variants of ribosomal protein S18 are found in the mammalian and D. melanogaster mitochondrial ribosomes while C. elegans has two S18 homologs [5].
  • In in vivo transfection experiments, on day 14, the estimated volume of KE3 tumors subjected to p21Waf1 gene transfection was 95% in comparison with the pretreatment volume on day 0, while the volume of KE3 tumors subjected to LacZ gene therapy increased to 268% [6].
  • Ribosomal protein L4 (RPL4) and S18 (RPS18) also exhibit a remarkable stability of their expression levels [7].
  • PROSITE analysis of the ribosomal protein S18 in eukaryote revealed homology with prokaryotic ribosomal protein S13 signature, which is known to be involved in the initiation of translation [8].


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