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Gene Review

Avpi1  -  arginine vasopressin-induced 1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 2310008N12Rik, AA410041, AVP-induced protein 1, Arginine vasopressin-induced protein 1, Arginine vasopressin-induced transcript 32 protein, ...
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High impact information on Avpi1


Biological context of Avpi1

  • Elevation of cAMP with forskolin and IBMX increased VIT32 gene expression with a peak effect at 2 h [1].
  • An approximately 1.5-kb fragment of the 5'-flanking region of VIT32 was cloned and was able to confer cAMP-stimulated reporter gene activity when transfected into M-1 and H441 cells [1].

Anatomical context of Avpi1

  • VIT32, a vasopressin-induced transcript, inhibits Na(+) transport when coexpressed with the epithelial sodium channel in Xenopus laevis oocytes (EMBO J 21: 5109-5117, 2002) [1].
  • To understand the mechanism of VIT32 gene regulation, we examined the effect of DDAVP and cAMP stimulation on VIT32 expression in M-1 mouse collecting duct cells and in H441 human airway epithelial cells [1].

Associations of Avpi1 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of Avpi1


  1. AVP-induced VIT32 gene expression in collecting duct cells occurs via trans-activation of a CRE in the 5'-flanking region of the VIT32 gene. Thomas, C.P., Loftus, R.W., Liu, K.Z. Am. J. Physiol. Renal Physiol. (2004) [Pubmed]
  2. Effects of nonapeptide antagonists on oxytocin- and arginine-vasopressin-induced analgesia in mice. Caldwell, J.D., Mason, G.A., Stanley, D.A., Jerdack, G., Hruby, V.J., Hill, P., Prange, A.J., Pedersen, C.A. Regul. Pept. (1987) [Pubmed]
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