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Gene Review

ABCB1  -  ABC transporter B family member 1

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA P GLYCOPROTEIN1, ATP binding cassette subfamily B1, ATP-binding cassette B1, ATPGP1, P-GLYCOPROTEIN 1, ...
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High impact information on ATPGP1


Biological context of ATPGP1

  • On the basis of these and other supporting data, we hypothesize that the hydrolysis of extracellular ATP by phosphatases and ATPases may be necessary for the resistance conferred by P-glycoprotein [3].
  • The single gene mutation twd1-1 and double atpgp1-1/atpgp19-1 (atmdr1-1) mutants exhibit similar phenotypes including epinastic growth, reduced inflorescence size, and reduced polar auxin transport, suggesting that a functional TWD1-AtPGP1/AtPGP19 complex is required for proper plant development [4].
  • Seven of the nine introns in the atpgp1 gene match introns in the mammalian mdr genes to within a few nucleotides, and the positions of these suggest that P-glycoprotein genes evolved by duplication and subsequent fusion of an intron-containing primordial gene prior to the evolutionary separation of plants and mammals [5].
  • Here we examine the localization, activity, substrate specificity and inhibitor sensitivity of AtPGP1 [6].
  • Consistent with the proposed role of AtMDR1 in basipetal auxin transport, we found that expression of the auxin responsive DR5::GUS reporter gene in the central elongation zone is significantly reduced in the atmdr1-100 mutant roots treated with 1-NAA at the root tips, compared to similarly treated wild-type plants [7].

Anatomical context of ATPGP1

  • Unlike all other FKBPs, TWD1 is shown to be an integral membrane protein that colocalizes with its interacting partner AtPGP1 on the plasma membrane [4].
  • Protoplasts from Arabidopsis pgp1 leaf mesophyll cells exhibit reduced efflux of natural and synthetic auxins with reduced sensitivity to auxin efflux inhibitors [6].

Associations of ATPGP1 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of ATPGP1

  • Mapping of protein interaction domains shows that AtPGP1 surprisingly binds to the N-terminus of TWD1 harboring the cis-trans peptidyl-prolyl isomerase-like domain and not to the tetratrico-peptide repeat domain, which has been shown to mediate protein-protein interaction [4].

Other interactions of ATPGP1


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