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Gene Review

PIP2A  -  aquaporin PIP2-1

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on PIP2A

  • By contrast, the PIP2A plasma membrane protein was not mislocalized, and the secretion of Pi starvation-induced RNases was not affected in the mutant [1].
  • This report describes the cloning and expression of a new Arabidopsis PLD cDNA, designated PLDgamma, and the regulation of PLDgamma, -beta, and -alpha by phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PIP2) and Ca2+ [2].
  • This binding ability correlates with the degree of conservation of a basic PIP2-binding motif located near the putative catalytic site [2].
  • The activity of the expressed PLDbeta is dependent on PIP2 and submicromolar amounts of Ca2+, inhibited by neomycin, and stimulated by a soluble factor from plant extracts [3].
  • The appearance of intracellular structures containing PIP1 and PIP2 homologs was occasionally observed after 2 h of salt treatment [4].

Biological context of PIP2A


Anatomical context of PIP2A

  • The role of plasma membrane aquaporins (PIPs) in water relations of Arabidopsis was studied by examining plants with reduced expression of PIP1 and PIP2 aquaporins, produced by crossing two different antisense lines [10].
  • Compared with controls, the double antisense (dAS) plants had reduced amounts of PIP1 and PIP2 aquaporins, and the osmotic hydraulic conductivity of isolated root and leaf protoplasts was reduced 5- to 30-fold [10].

Associations of PIP2A with chemical compounds

  • Thus the initiating methionine was acetylated or cleaved in native PIP1 and PIP2 isoforms respectively [9].


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