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Gene Review

CAC1  -  chloroplastic acetylcoenzyme A carboxylase 1

Arabidopsis thaliana

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Disease relevance of BCCP/BCCP-1/BCCP1/CAC1-A/CAC1A

  • The 3' end of the CAC1 sequence, coding for a peptide of 94 amino acids, which includes a putative biotinylation motif, was expressed in Escherichia coli as a glutathione-S-transferase (GST) fusion protein [1].
  • This paper describes the cloning and characterization of a plant biotin carboxyl carrier protein (BCCP) from the type II ACCase complex that shows 61% identity/79% similarity with Anabaena BCCP at the amino acid level [2].

High impact information on BCCP/BCCP-1/BCCP1/CAC1-A/CAC1A


Biological context of BCCP/BCCP-1/BCCP1/CAC1-A/CAC1A

  • The deduced amino acid sequence of CAC1 has an apparent N-terminal chloroplast-targeting transit peptide [1].
  • CAC1 is a single-copy gene interrupted by six introns [5].
  • Northern analysis showed that although the relative levels of BCCP and betaCT mRNA differed between different oilseed rape tissues, their temporal patterns of expression were identical during embryo development [2].
  • The BCCP sequences allowed the assignment of function to two previously unassigned Arabidopsis expressed sequence tag (EST) sequences [2].

Associations of BCCP/BCCP-1/BCCP1/CAC1-A/CAC1A with chemical compounds


Other interactions of BCCP/BCCP-1/BCCP1/CAC1-A/CAC1A


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of BCCP/BCCP-1/BCCP1/CAC1-A/CAC1A


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