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Gene Review

Ndel1  -  nuclear distribution gene E-like homolog 1...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 2600006O07Rik, MITAP1, NUDEL, Nuclear distribution protein nudE-like 1, Nudel, ...
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Disease relevance of Ndel1


High impact information on Ndel1

  • NUDEL facilitates the polymerization of NFs through a direct interaction with the NF light subunit (NF-L) [1].
  • In addition, Ndel1(-/-) blastocysts failed to grow in culture and exhibited a cell proliferation defect in inner cell mass [2].
  • Although Ndel1(+/-) mice displayed no obvious phenotypes, further reduction of NDEL1 by making null/hypomorph compound heterozygotes (Ndel1(cko/-)) resulted in histological defects consistent with mild neuronal migration defects [2].
  • NUDEL was localized predominantly along microtubules of the manchette in elongated spermatids [3].
  • These results suggest that NUDEL plays an important role in germ cell formation, including nucleoplasmic transport and nucleus shaping by manchette microtubules [3].

Biological context of Ndel1


Anatomical context of Ndel1


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