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Gene Review

CLH1  -  chlorophyllase 1

Arabidopsis thaliana

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Disease relevance of ATCLH1


High impact information on ATCLH1

  • Interestingly, downregulation of AtCLH1 resulted in increased susceptibility to A. brassicicola, resistance to which requires jasmonate signaling [2].
  • RNA interference silencing of AtCLH1 resulted in failure to degrade free chlorophyll after tissue damage and in resistance to E. carotovora [2].
  • No typical feature of signal sequence was identified in AtCLH1, whereas AtCLH2 had a typical signal sequence for chloroplast [1].
  • AtCLH1 mRNA was induced rapidly by a treatment of MeJA, which is known to promote senescence and Chl degradation in plants, and a high mRNA level was maintained up to 9 h [1].
  • Cloning of chlorophyllase, the key enzyme in chlorophyll degradation: finding of a lipase motif and the induction by methyl jasmonate [1].

Biological context of ATCLH1


Associations of ATCLH1 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of ATCLH1


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