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Gene Review

ROP2  -  Rac-like GTP-binding protein ARAC4

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ARAC4, ATRAC4, ATROP2, Arabidopsis RAC-like 4, GTP-BINDING PROTEIN ARAC4, ...
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High impact information on ARAC4/ATRAC4/ATROP2/ROP2

  • Thus, outgrowth-promoting ROP2 and outgrowth-inhibiting RIC1 pathways antagonize each other [1].
  • RIC1-dependent microtubule organization not only locally inhibits outgrowth but in turn suppresses ROP2 activation in the indentation zones [1].
  • Genetic interactions during root hair tip growth and localization suggest that the ROP2 protein is a target of ARF1 action, but its localization is slowly affected upon ARF1 manipulation when compared with that of Golgi and endocytic markers [2].
  • Constitutive overexpression of ROP2 results in enhanced polar accumulation of PIN2 protein in the root elongation region and increased gravitropism, which is significantly affected by latrunculin B, an inhibitor of F-actin assembly [3].
  • Overexpressing Rop2 (Rop2 OX) resulted in a strong root hair phenotype, whereas overexpressing Rop7 appeared to inhibit root hair tip growth [4].

Biological context of ARAC4/ATRAC4/ATROP2/ROP2

  • The ROP2 GTPase controls the formation of cortical fine F-actin and the early phase of directional cell expansion during Arabidopsis organogenesis [5].
  • However, in the absence of exogenous PA, no spontaneous cell death or elevated ROS was observed in constitutively active rop2 plants, suggesting that the activation of ROP GTPase alone is insufficient to activate the ROP-mediated ROS generation pathway [6].
  • This technique was also used to obtain novel gene expression information by cloning the full-length 0.85 kb cDNA of the Rop2 GTPase from this library [7].

Anatomical context of ARAC4/ATRAC4/ATROP2/ROP2


Associations of ARAC4/ATRAC4/ATROP2/ROP2 with chemical compounds

  • The rop2 transgenic plants also displayed altered responses to the exogenous application of several hormones, such as abscisic acid-mediated seed dormancy, auxin-dependent lateral shoot initiation, and brassinolide-mediated hypocotyl elongation [8].

Physical interactions of ARAC4/ATRAC4/ATROP2/ROP2

  • PIROGI directly interacts with the small GTPase ATROP2 with isoform specificity and with selectivity for active forms of the protein [9].


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