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Gene Review

CYC2  -  Cyc2p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Cytochrome c assembly flavoprotein CYC2, Cytochrome c mitochondrial import factor CYC2, OR26.30, YOR037W
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High impact information on CYC2


Biological context of CYC2

  • Both CYC2 and CYC3 are single-copy genes and expressed in all life cycle stages of the parasite [3].
  • To determine if CYC2 is found in a complex with previously identified trypanosome cdc2-related kinases (CRKs), the CYC2 gene was fused to the TY epitope tag, integrated into the trypanosome genome, and expressed under inducible control [3].
  • Gene knockout experiments provide evidence that CYC2 is an essential gene, and co-immune precipitations together with a two-hybrid interaction assay demonstrated that CYC2 interacts with CRK3 [3].
  • We show that Cyc2p is required for the activity of CCHL toward apocytochrome c and c1 and becomes essential for the heme attachment to apocytochrome c1 carrying a CAPCH instead of CAACH heme binding site [4].

Associations of CYC2 with chemical compounds

  • Based on the functional interaction of Cyc2p with CCHL and the presence of a putative FAD-binding site in the protein, we hypothesize that Cyc2p controls the redox chemistry of the heme lyase reaction [5].

Physical interactions of CYC2

  • We postulate that, in vivo, Cyc2p interacts with CCHL and is involved in the reduction of heme prior to its ligation to apocytochrome c by CCHL [4].

Other interactions of CYC2

  • CYC2 encodes a 24-kDa protein that has sequence identity to the Neurospora crassa PREG1 and the S. cerevisiae PHO80 cyclin [3].
  • None of the cyc strains surveyed (cyc1, cyc2, cyc3, cyc4, cyc5, and cyc6) had diminished levels of methylase, although some of them were completely or almost completely deficient in cytochrome c [6].
  • Requirements of Cyc2p and the porin, Por1p, for ionic stability and mitochondrial integrity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [7].


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