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Disease relevance of Precipitation


High impact information on Precipitation

  • Sequential precipitations demonstrated that Qa-2 is distinct from H-2D and H-2K molecules [6].
  • Through reciprocal precipitations using a variety of antibodies against RPTP mu, cadherins, and catenins, we show that RPTP mu does not interact with cadherin/catenin complexes, even when assayed under very mild lysis conditions [7].
  • Similar to the animal SR proteins, this group of proteins can be isolated by two salt precipitations [8].
  • To biochemically characterize p75, we have directly isolated IL-2R using affinity precipitations with immobilized IL-2 [9].
  • Culture supernatants of the internally [35S]methionine-labeled E-9M(+) line were subjected to a combined purification of sequential ammonium sulfate precipitations, followed by affinity chromatography [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Precipitation


Biological context of Precipitation


Anatomical context of Precipitation


Associations of Precipitation with chemical compounds


Gene context of Precipitation

  • Affinity precipitations suggest that only a discrete fraction of cellular presenilin is present in the active gamma-secretase complex and that both gamma(40)- and gamma(42)-activities are mediated by the same molecular entity [26].
  • GST-protein precipitations from cell lysates confirmed that GST-PLC-gamma1(SH3) associated with endogenously expressed Tnk1 [27].
  • Specific RHAMM variants of 85- and 58-kDa size were shown to bind avidly to HA following CPC precipitations [3].
  • A precursor-product relationship of both pSMC-1 and pSMC-2 to ASGP-1 was suggested by combined precipitations with anti-ASGP-1 and peanut agglutinin, which precipitates ASGP-1 specifically [28].
  • The lipid requirements for insertion of the proteolipid were studied, therefore, after delipidation by several precipitations with isooctane, a nondenaturing solvent [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Precipitation


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