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Gene Review

CACNA1H  -  calcium channel, voltage-dependent, T type...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CACNA1HB, Cav3.2, ECA6, EIG6, Low-voltage-activated calcium channel alpha1 3.2 subunit, ...
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Disease relevance of CACNA1H


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Biological context of CACNA1H


Other interactions of CACNA1H

  • We then used this fragment to screen human heart and rat brain lambda gt10 libraries, leading to the cloning of two full-length cDNAs derived from distinct genes (CACNA1G and CACNA1H) [13].
  • Nucleotide sequencing and homology search analysis showed that these spots represented the voltage-dependent calcium channel alpha1H subunit gene (CACNA1H gene) and a locus immediately downstream of the growth factor receptor-binding protein 7 (GRB7) gene [1].
  • Three T-channel genes were identified: CACNA1G, encoding Ca(v)3.1; CACNA1H, encoding Ca(v)3.2; and CACNA1I, encoding Ca(v)3 [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CACNA1H


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