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Gene Review

HHV8gp75  -  ORF K12

Human herpesvirus 8 type M

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Disease relevance of HHV8gp75

  • In situ hybridization indicated that mRNAs for v-cyclin D and kaposin, an HHV-8 latency-associated gene, were present in approximately 1% of the spindle cells in early patch lesions and approximately 60% of the spindle cells in late nodular lesions of Kaposi's sarcoma [1].
  • The KSHV miRNAs are expressed from what appears to be a single genetic locus that largely coincides with an approximately 4-kb noncoding sequence located between the KSHV v-cyclin and K12/Kaposin genes, both of which are also expressed in latently infected cells [2].
  • All transformed Rat-3 cell lines containing kaposin sequences produced high-grade, highly vascular, undifferentiated sarcomas upon subcutaneous injection of athymic nu/nu mice [3].
  • All of the ORFs present in KSHV have at least one homologue in RRV26-95 except K3 and K5 (bovine herpesvirus-4 immediate-early protein homologues), K7 (nut-1), and K12 (Kaposin) [4].

High impact information on HHV8gp75


Biological context of HHV8gp75


Anatomical context of HHV8gp75

  • More importantly, expression of kaposin protein was also detected in the PEL cell lines BCBL-1 and KS-1 [3].
  • Although there was no staining at the cell membrane of transfected cells, FACS analysis using kap-2 or Flag antibodies, under nonpermeable conditions, showed positivity [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of HHV8gp75


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