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Gene Review

VPS4B  -  vacuolar protein sorting 4 homolog B (S....

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Cell migration-inducing gene 1 protein, MIG1, Protein SKD1, SKD1, SKD1B, ...
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Disease relevance of VPS4B

  • Candidate gene analysis of BCL2, however, excludes most of this gene, except its promoter region, and draws attention to the neighboring gene VPS4B, part of the endosomal protein-sorting machinery ESCRT-III which is involved in several neurodegenerative diseases [1].
  • Finally, HIV-1 budding was inhibited by mutations in a loop that projects into the center of the modeled hVPS4B rings, suggesting that hVPS4B may release the assembled ESCRT machinery by pulling ESCRT-III substrates up into the central pore [2].

High impact information on VPS4B

  • SKD1/VPS4B is an AAA+ (ATPase associated with a variety of cellular activities) protein involved in multivesicular body (MVB) biogenesis [3].
  • SKD1(E235Q) associated with NPC1 on the endosomal membrane, whereas wild-type SKD1 associated with NPC1 only when cells were depleted of cholesterol [4].
  • Similar to the action of a mutant SKD1 protein, overexpression of a fusion derivative of human CHMP1 dilates endosomal compartments and disrupts the normal distribution of several endosomal markers [5].
  • Expression of mutant human VPS4-A (E228Q) and VPS4-B (E235Q) proteins, harbouring single amino acid exchanges in their AAA domains, induced dominant-negative vacuolar protein sorting defects in wild-type yeast cells in both cases [6].
  • The vacuolar protein sorting defect of vps4 mutant yeast cells was complemented completely by heterologous expressed human VPS4-B protein, and partially by the human VPS4-A protein [6].

Biological context of VPS4B


Other interactions of VPS4B


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