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Gene Review

NPC1  -  Niemann-Pick disease, type C1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Niemann-Pick C1 protein
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Disease relevance of NPC1


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Chemical compound and disease context of NPC1


Biological context of NPC1


Anatomical context of NPC1


Associations of NPC1 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of NPC1

  • These changes are accompanied by lysosomal accumulation of NPC2, suggesting that NPC1 governs the endocytic transport of NPC2 [15].

Other interactions of NPC1

  • NPC1 and NPC2 regulate cellular cholesterol homeostasis through generation of low density lipoprotein cholesterol-derived oxysterols [27].
  • ABCG1, another LXR target gene involved in cholesterol efflux to HDL, also showed diminished expression in NPC1(-/-) fibroblasts and increased expression upon LXR agonist treatment [18].
  • Furthermore, our data show that the putative SSD of NPC1 is oriented in the same manner as those of HMG-R and SCAP, providing strong evidence that this domain is functionally important [19].
  • Additionally, a high percentage of mutations were located at amino acids identical to the NPC1 homolog, NPC1L1 [21].
  • Overexpression of individual NPC1 mutations revealed that delC produced an unstable protein, wild-type and NPC1-P237S colocalized with Rab7-positive late endosomes whereas NPC1-C113R localized to the ER, Rab7-negative endosomes and the cell surface [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NPC1

  • Western blots of cultured human fibroblasts and monkey brain homogenates revealed NPC1 as a 165-kDa protein [28].
  • By light and electron microscopic immunocytochemistry of monkey brain, NPC1 was expressed predominantly in perisynaptic astrocytic glial processes [28].
  • Our work supports the finding that NPD is an allelic variant of NPC1, and illustrates the power of large kindreds, which are common in Atlantic Canada and other relatively isolated areas, for gene mapping and identification [29].
  • Niemann-Pick C disease: use of denaturing high performance liquid chromatography for the detection of NPC1 and NPC2 genetic variations and impact on management of patients and families [30].
  • Immunoblotting analyses for the NPC1 protein did not detect the mutant proteins in COS-1 cells transiently transfected with the two mutant NPC1 cDNA constructs (c.3615delA and c.2000C > T) [31].


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