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Gene Review

CD302  -  CD302 molecule

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: BIMLEC, C-type lectin BIMLEC, C-type lectin domain family 13 member A, CD302 antigen, CLEC13A, ...
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Disease relevance of CD302


High impact information on CD302

  • We demonstrate that the biogenesis of this siRNA requires DCL1, HYL1, HEN1, RDR6, NRPD1A, and SGS3 [3].
  • The resulting reading frames encode the DEC-205 ectodomain plus the DCL-1 ectodomain, the transmembrane, and the cytoplasmic domain [1].
  • We determined the DCL-1 transcription initiation site within the intervening sequence by 5'-RACE, confirming that DCL-1 is an independent gene [1].
  • The DEC-205 and DCL-1 genes comprising 35 and 6 exons, respectively, are juxtaposed on chromosome band 2q24 and separated by only 5.4 kb [1].
  • METHODS: In 10 patients with dual AV node pathway physiology, atrial pacing at three chosen drive cycle lengths (DCL1, DCL2 and DCL3) was performed at an anterior site (A) just above the His bundle recording site and at a posterior atrial site (P) just below the coronary sinus ostium [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CD302


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