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Sperm Agglutination

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Disease relevance of Sperm Agglutination


High impact information on Sperm Agglutination

  • There was no correlation between the reaction of sera with FA-1 and the titers obtained through the sperm agglutination technique and the sperm immobilization technique [2].
  • The present report demonstrates the identity between the glycoprotein antigens recognized by the human H6-3C4 monoclonal antibody (mAb) and the murine S19 mAb, generated in our laboratory to sperm agglutination antigen-1 (SAGA-1) [3].
  • Sperm agglutination antigen-1 (SAGA-1) is a human male reproductive tract glycoform of CD52 [4].
  • Taken together, the data presented here demonstrated that mAb A36 cognate sperm surface antigen, encoded by SA-36 cDNA, is a GPI/NLK-like protein involved in sperm agglutination [5].
  • However, the promoting effects of these reagents were blocked when spermatozoa were pretreated with a cell-permeable Ca(2+) chelator (BAPTA-AM, 25 microM), whereas the same pretreatment with a cell-impermeable Ca(2+) chelator (BAPTA, 25 microM) had almost no influence on sperm agglutination [6].

Anatomical context of Sperm Agglutination


Associations of Sperm Agglutination with chemical compounds


Gene context of Sperm Agglutination

  • Seminal TF antigen levels correlated significantly with sperm agglutination (p = 0.03) and abnormal sperm morphology (p = 0.04) [14].
  • Addition of porcine serum albumin (PSA, 1-4 mg mL(-1)) or methyl-beta-cyclodextrin (MBC, 5-10 mg mL(-1)) instead of BSA was as effective as BSA (4 mg mL(-1)) in enhancing sperm agglutination [15].
  • In 204 patients, antisperm antibodies were also measured by serum sperm-agglutination tests: The results showed a highly significant correlation with the results of MAR testing [16].
  • A calmodulin antagonist (W-7, 2 microM), that potentially blocks the stimulator of the calcium/calmodulin-dependent phosphodiesterases, significantly enhanced the effect of bicarbonate on sperm agglutination [17].
  • The H6-3C4 S19 cognate antigen, designated Sperm Agglutination Antigen-1 (SAGA-1), was characterized as a polymorphic, highly acidic, GPI-anchored glycoprotein on the surface of human spermatozoa [18].


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