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Genome, Fungal

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  • A survey of 54 fungal genomes revealed that seven other species have proteins with collagenous domains suggesting that MCL1 is a member of a patchily distributed gene family [2].
  • Many plant, animal, and fungal genomes contain cytosine DNA methylation in asymmetric sequence contexts (CpHpH, H = A, T, C) [3].
  • A single copy of a conditional lethal C. neoformans NMT allele was introduced into the fungal genome by homologous recombination [4].
  • Additional naphthalene degradation enzyme-coding genes are present in fungal genomes, suggesting that resistance could follow degradation of the naphthalene ring contained in terbinafine [5].
  • These findings have important implications for fungal genome annotation, as the automated annotations of euascomycete genomes incorrectly identified intron boundaries for all of the confirmed and probable GC-AG introns reported here [6].

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