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Air Conditioning

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High impact information on Air Conditioning

  • The climate sensitivity parameter (gamma, the equilibrium response of global mean surface temperature to doubled CO2) was used to define the control climate [1].
  • Two species of amoebae were isolated from the cooling tower of an air-conditioning system and examined for effects of exposure to four cooling tower biocides, a thiocarbamate compound, tributyltin neodecanoate mixed with quaternary ammonium compounds, another quaternary ammonium compound alone, and an isothiazolin derivative [2].
  • We conducted 2 episodes of superheat-and-flush based on the published recommendations from the Department of Health, Taiwan; US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers [3].
  • The influence of air conditioning, humidity, temperature and other household characteristics on mite allergen concentrations in the northeastern United States [4].
  • We report the first study of R-134a (also known as HFC-134a and CF3CFH2) refrigerant leakage from air conditioning (AC) systems of modern vehicles [5].

Biological context of Air Conditioning

  • Reflexes that serve to optimize the air-conditioning function of the nose by altering sinus blood flow, or serve to protect the nasal mucosal surface by mucus secretion, vasodilatation, and sneezing, can be initiated by a variety of stimuli, including allergen, cold air, and chemical irritation [6].

Associations of Air Conditioning with chemical compounds


Gene context of Air Conditioning

  • Aeroallergen sensitization in pediatric allergic rhinitis in Singapore: is air-conditioning a factor in the tropics [12]?
  • These staff were likely to have worked in areas of the hospital ventilated by the contaminated air conditioning plant, but not necessarily the OPD [13].
  • Air conditioning systems may increase the prevalence of SBS-symptoms relative to natural ventilation if not clean [14].
  • 4. Simple air-conditioning can reduce the temperature sufficiently for the viability of the embryo to be preserved for up to a week [15].
  • The ECLSS Test Program encompasses the Water Recovery Test (WRT), the Integrated Air Revitalization Test (IART), and Life Testing, which permits ECLSS design evaluation [16].


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