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Chemical Compound Review

Hexabutylditin     tributyltin

Synonyms: NSC-65520, NSC-92633, NSC-227367, NSC65520, NSC92633, ...
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Disease relevance of tributyltin

  • This study assesses targeting of lung metastases in mice with the radioiodinated thymidine analog 5-[(123)I/(125)I]iodo-2'-deoxyuridine ((123)I-IUdR/(125)I-IUdR), formulated with varying amounts of tributyltin precursor and injected intravenously [1].
  • Only 11.0% (range 7.7-17.6) of the BAL lymphocytes from sarcoidosis patients were annexin V positive after exposure to the apoptotic stimulus tributyltin compared with 55.0% (range 42.0-62.0) of BAL lymphocytes from healthy controls (p<0.001) [2].
  • Red blood cells (RBC) exposed to micromolar concentrations of tributyltin compounds (TBTX) undergo morphological changes and hemolysis [3].
  • Isolation of Escherichia coli mutants which are resistant to an inhibitor of H+-ATPase, tributyltin and also to uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation [4].
  • Results indicate that FAD and TBT inhibit aromatase activity in o,p -DDT-treated fish but do not prevent feminization, indicating that increased brain aromatase activity is not critical to EDC-induced male-to-female sex inversion [5].

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