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Gene Review

SBS  -  Spiegler-Brooke syndrome

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of SBS

  • Practical Implications The study showed that there was an identifiable systematic difference in the collected VOC data between buildings causing and not causing problems for people with non-specific building-related symptoms (also called sick building syndrome, SBS) [1].
  • SBS patients who have valvular heart disease should receive infective endocarditis prophylaxis [2].
  • The effects of moderate heat stress and open-plan office noise distraction on SBS symptoms and on the performance of office work [3].
  • Fifty consecutive patients (36 male, 14 female, mean age 28 years) who had heart murmurs and clinical and radiographic evidence of straight upper dorsal spine (straight back syndrome, SBS) underwent detailed clinical, electrocardiographic, roentgenographic, and echocardiographic evaluation [2].
  • Analysis of separate, side-by-side (SBS) and fused PET and CIM was performed evaluating 21 nodal and 6 extranodal regions per patient for presence of lymphoma, applying a 5-point confidence scale [4].

Psychiatry related information on SBS

  • The SBS is characterised by irritations of mucosa, vegetative complaints such as headache and fatigue as well as mental health impairment, depression and irritability (WHO definition) [5].

High impact information on SBS

  • May-Hegglin anomaly (MHA) and Fechtner (FTNS) and Sebastian (SBS) syndromes are autosomal dominant platelet disorders that share macrothrombocytopenia and characteristic leukocyte inclusions [6].
  • Here we have used a combined in silico and biochemical approach to identify 1175 conserved hStaf/ZNF143-binding sites (SBS) distributed in 938 promoters of four mammalian genomes [7].
  • Furthermore, we demonstrated that the presence of the SBS alone is sufficient to direct expression of a luciferase reporter gene, suggesting that hStaf/ZNF143 can recruit per se the transcription machinery [7].
  • The SBS shows a significant positional preference and occurs mostly within 200 bp upstream of the transcription start site [7].
  • Six patients with short bowel and remnant colon (SBS) also ingested 90 mL lactulose syrup [8].

Biological context of SBS

  • By extrapolating the values of this mapping to the full sizes of the mammalian genomes, we can infer the existence of at least 2500 SBS distributed in 2000 promoters [7].
  • Monolithic catalysts were successfully applied in a true fixed-bed hydrogenation of polymers such as SBS rubbers and polystyrene [9].
  • As part of a structural genomics platform in a university laboratory, a low-cost in-house-developed automated imaging system for SBS microplate experiments has been designed and constructed [10].
  • Triblock copolymers of the styrene-butadiene-styrene type have been subjected to surface hydroxylation which provide reactive sites at the surface for the subsequent coupling of heparin while retaining the unique mechanical properties of the SBS copolymers [11].
  • Air conditioning systems may increase the prevalence of SBS-symptoms relative to natural ventilation if not clean [12].

Anatomical context of SBS

  • Ten nitrate-selective electrodes based upon rubbery membranes containing various betaine salts as sensors covalently bound to a cross-linked polystyrene-block-polybutadiene-block-polystyrene (SBS) polymer have been produced [13].
  • HAT has become our technique of choice for suitable scalp lacerations.[Ong Eng Hock M, Ooi SBS, Saw SM, Lim SH [14].
  • Significant overlaps of symptoms in SBS and MH exist including central nervous system manifestations, mucous membrane irritation, skin abnormalities, and eye symptomatology [15].
  • RESULTS: Concerning lymph node regions above and below the diaphragm the accuracy of CIM, PET, SBS, and image fusion was 86%, 89%, 94%, 97%, and 94%, 94%, 97%, 98% [4].
  • In conclusion, neither absence of response to STS stimulation nor absence of response to SBS stimulation of the ulnar nerve at either 0.1 Hz or 0.05 Hz frequency does guarantee acceptable intubating conditions during onset of neuromuscular block induced by vecuronium 0.08 when thiopentone is used as the sole anaesthetic [16].

Associations of SBS with chemical compounds

  • The best nitrate-selective electrode fabricated contained 10% m/m dicumyl peroxide, 40% 2-nitrophenyloctyl ether, 6.5% triallyl leucine betaine chloride and 43.5% SBS [13].
  • One week of TPN caused significant elevations of GGTP, 5'-N and EA bilirubin values, whereas SGOT, SGPT, SBS, and total and direct bilirubin were unaffected [17].
  • The degree of grafting and the mechanical properties of SBS, SBS-g-HEMA, and PHEMA were measured [18].
  • Significant increases in adsorption capacity with aging suggest that accessibility of phenanthrene to fractions of SBS soil matrix was controlled by sorptive diffusion at narrow meso- and micropore constrictions [19].
  • Sequestration of phenanthrene and pyrene was investigated in two soils--a sandy soil designated SBS and a silt-loam designated LHS--by combining long-term batch sorption studies with thermal desorption and pyrolysis of amended soil samples [20].

Other interactions of SBS

  • In contrast to adults with intact colon and SBS, infants with SBS and intact colon do not appear able to produce GLP-2 in response to feeding stimulation [21].
  • RESULTS: Twenty-seven (16.1%) of the 168 lesions were discordant when comparing analysis of fused PET/CT and SBS PET/DCT [22].
  • Specific detection of fungi associated with SBS when using quantitative polymerase chain reaction [23].
  • These results indicate that chronic airway inflammation may be responsible for the decreased response (tachyphylaxis) to repeated inhalation of capsaicin, and suggest that cyclooxygenase products released by the airway inflammation may be involved in tachyphylaxis, cough receptor sensitivity to inhaled capsaicin, or both, in patients with the SBS [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SBS


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