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Dental Devices, Home Care

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Disease relevance of Dental Devices, Home Care

  • The purpose of the present study was to compare the OHI-S and the two versions of PHP Index in measuring the effectiveness of dental floss in the removal of dental plaque [1].
  • It is concluded that the ID2 has equivalent efficacy to dental floss for the reduction of interproximal plaque and gingivitis [2].

High impact information on Dental Devices, Home Care

  • The diffusant was KCl (1 mol/L) in a 1.0% agarose matrix, placed in wells 1.5 mm deep, in small acrylic devices 3 mm thick, which could be fastened to the teeth with dental floss and removed after different time periods [3].
  • Following the office treatment with chlorhexidine, selected volunteers rinsed daily at home for seven or 49 days with chlorhexidine solution (0.2%), while another group flossed daily at home for seven days with dental floss impregnated with chlorhexidine [4].
  • Significant factors included older age, women, fewer missing teeth, more frequent use of dental floss, more frequent visits to the dentist during the last 12 months, and diabetic nephropathy [5].
  • The prevalence of mutans streptococci on these tooth surfaces was compared with samples taken at four 1-week intervals on the same tooth surfaces with a carver (buccal/lingual surfaces), a needle (occlusal surfaces) or a dental floss (approximal surfaces) [6].
  • The relative effectiveness of waxed dental floss, dental tape and Superfloss as proximal plaque removal aids were compared in 20 subjects [7].

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Gene context of Dental Devices, Home Care

  • The effectiveness of Super Floss and waxed dental floss as proximal surface cleansing agents was compared in 34 subjects [12].
  • The effect of waxed and unwaxed dental floss on gingival health. Part I. Plaque removal and gingival response [13].
  • This clinical study was conducted to compare the efficacy and safety of the new Braun Oral-B Interclean (ID2) with that of dental floss in healthy adults [2].
  • This, it seems that using the PHP Index in dental floss studies is preferable to using the OHI-S [1].
  • It was found that there was no statistical difference between the two types of dental floss regarding PI, MGI, and BI [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dental Devices, Home Care


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