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National Center for Health Statistics (U.S.)

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  • Mortality data were obtained from NCHS (National Center for Health Statistics) via Surveillance Research Program, National Cancer Institute SEER*Stat software; Ohio incidence data were provided by the Ohio Cancer Incidence Surveillance System. RESULTS: Among women aged 30-74, a significant decline of 2.8% was noted since 1988 for White women [11].
  • Compared with the percentile values from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS; Hamill et al., 1977, DHEW Publ. No. PHS 78-1650), percentile values from the 1984 Ross Laboratories Infant Nutrition Survey (RNS) for weight, recumbent length, and weight for recumbent length tended to be smaller (p less than .05) [12].
  • METHODS: The National Center for Health Statistics supplied numbers and rates of death from asthma (ICD 493) by year [13].
  • DESCRIPTION OF SYSTEMS: The Centers for Disease Control's National Center for Health Statistics conducts the National Health Interview Survey annually, which includes questions concerning COPD and activity limitations [14].
  • Recently, survey organizations such as the National Center for Health Statistics and the United States Bureau of the Census have distributed data from large surveys to interested investigators via CD-ROM [15].

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