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Disease relevance of Ureteroscopes

  • The advent of the Holmium laser energy source, with innovations such as the flexible ureteroscope and the tipless stone basket, have expanded the role of RIRS in the management of calyceal diverticula and associated problems [1].

High impact information on Ureteroscopes

  • METHODS AND MATERIALS: Active deflection of 5 flexible ureteroscopes was measured with an empty channel and following separate insertions of 2, 272 mum holmium fibers [2].
  • CONCLUSIONS: A temperature activated, deflectable nitinol sheath facilitates active deflection with a 272 mum holmium laser fiber in the working channel of the flexible ureteroscope, suggesting strong potential for clinical evaluation [2].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: Multiple characteristics of 5 flexible ureteroscopes (ACMI DUR-8 Elite, Olympus URF-P3, Storz 11278AU1 [Flex-X], Wolf 7330.072 and Wolf 7325.172) commonly available in the market were measured and compared [3].
  • These results indicate that the injury to the intramural ureter might arise from the passage of the ureteroscope resulting in stricture and vesicoureteral reflux [4].
  • CONCLUSION: The new ureteroscope can treat the majority of lower-ureteral stones of up to 1.2 cm even in male patients under lidocaine gel with or without intravenous sedation or monitored anesthesia care [5].

Biological context of Ureteroscopes

  • Each ureteroscope was evaluated with an empty working channel, and then with sheathed and unsheathed 2.2, 3 and 3.2Fr (Cook Urological, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana), 2.4 and 3Fr (Microvasive Urology, Natick, Massachusetts) nitinol baskets in the working channel [6].
  • Instrument development has easily paralleled the growth and development of the ureteroscope and has improved success, patient safety, and comfort with the incorporation of access sheaths, nitinol materials, and Ho:YAG laser technology [7].

Associations of Ureteroscopes with chemical compounds

  • Re: Bare naked baskets: ureteroscope deflection and flow characteristics with intact and disassembled ureteroscopic nitinol stone baskets [8].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: We performed ureteronephroscopy 92 consecutive times in 84 patients at our hospital using a flexible Storz model 11274AA,double dagger Circon-ACMI model AUR-7, section sign Wolf model 7325.172 parallel and Olympus model URF/P3 ureteroscope paragraph sign [9].
  • A VersaPulse Select 80 laser generator, a 365 micro m SlimLine laser fiber, and an 8F rigid ureteroscope were used [10].
  • Under intravenous sedation this stone fragment was fragmented and removed using an 8.5F flexible ureteroscope and a coumarin pulsed-dye laser lithotriptor [11].

Gene context of Ureteroscopes

  • Four hundred forty-two patients were treated with SWL using the MPL 9000 with ultrasonic guidance and 115 patients with ureteroscopic manipulations using 7.9F to 11.5F rigid and semirigid ureteroscopes [12].
  • Winston Churchill said it best: "Give us the tools and we will finish the job." Industry has provided urologists with the tools in the form of advanced flexible ureteroscopes, the holmium laser, nitinol baskets, and the ureteral access sheath [13].
  • The endoscopes studied were the Storz 7.5 flexible ureteroscope, the AUR-7 and AUR-9 flexible ureteroscopes (Circon-ACMI), a prototype Mitsubishi flexible ureteroscope (Mitsubishi Optics, Inc.), the ACN flexible cystoscope (Circon-ACMI), and the Storz flexible cystoscope [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ureteroscopes

  • Lithotripsy was based on the application of small diameter fiberoptic ureteroscopes and the holmium laser lithotriptor [15].
  • Ureteroscopic laser lithotripsy was performed using a semirigid ureteroscope (6.5/7Fr) and holmium laser without ureteral orifice dilation [16].
  • CONCLUSIONS: We believe this trend toward ureteroscopy is attributable to several factors: improved, smaller rigid and flexible ureteroscopes; the availability of more effective intracorporeal lithotripters (e.g., pneumatic and holmium laser), and the lack of development of lower cost, more effective SWL [17].


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