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High impact information on Cystoscopes

  • A 365 microm tip firing holmium laser fiber was inserted through the working channel of the flexible cystoscope [1].
  • With this technique formalin instillation and cystography can be done through the cystoscope at the same time [2].
  • Repair of seven cystoscopes during the SSP1 period cost $11,500 [3].
  • High-powered CO2 laser cystoscope for endoscopic bladder surgery [4].
  • We describe a facilitated technique of periurethral needle placement for collagen injection, utilizing qa methylene blue/lidocaine mixture and a continuous flow cystoscope [5].

Biological context of Cystoscopes

  • A single, timed insemination using a rigid cystoscope to aid in transcervical deposition of a frozen-thawed semen dose was given within 72 h after the behaviorally estrual bitch had a > 4 ng/mL serum progesterone concentration and estrus-categorized vaginal cytology [6].

Associations of Cystoscopes with chemical compounds

  • STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS: In vivo measurements on 10 patients with suspected bladder cancer were made with the optical biopsy system (OBS) developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Elastic-scatter spectra over the wavelength range 250-800 nm were obtained using a fiber-optic probe through one of the lumens of a urological cystoscope [7].
  • In every examination, 2% lidocaine gel was applied to the cystoscope [8].
  • They then had supervised group instruction during which they practised flexible cystoscopy on an inanimate latex model, and were taught how to handle the cystoscope, followed by unsupervised practice, including use of the virtual reality (VR) simulator (URO Mentor, Simbionix, Israel) [9].
  • PATIENTS AND METHODS: The Memokath stent is a coil of a nickel-titanium alloy which has 'shape memory', the lower end expanding when heated to 55 degrees C. Risks associated with inserting the stent with a flexible cystoscope under local anaesthesia are minimal [10].
  • An assessment of the prototype Olympus Flexible Cystoscope in routine urological practice is presented [11].

Gene context of Cystoscopes

  • RESULTS: No differences were detected among the cystoscopes at the lowest concentrations of hematoxylin dye (C1 and C2) [12].
  • A standard 22F rigid cystoscope with a 6.9F Bard colonoscopy snare connected to an Erbe power source at 25 W was utilized to remove bladder tumors [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cystoscopes


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