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Disease relevance of Leukopoiesis


High impact information on Leukopoiesis

  • Genetic knockouts of CXCR4 and SDF-1 have delineated their critical role during embryonic cardiogenesis, leukopoiesis, and vasculogenesis [3].
  • The present results demonstrate that inflammation in CNS is clearly reduced during IL-6 deficiency and this effect is likely due to significant inhibition of BM leukopoiesis [4].
  • This case report demonstrates that GM-CSF might contribute to rapid reconstitution of leukopoiesis once methotrexate serum levels are in the subtoxic range [5].
  • It follows from the results that diclofenac is a suitable drug for enhancing leukopoiesis impaired by sublethal fractionated irradiation [6].
  • In the present study, stimulation of leukopoiesis by SMP was investigated in mice after induction of myelosuppression by the cytostatic agent cyclophosphamide (CP) [7].

Anatomical context of Leukopoiesis

  • On the other hand, a simple reproducible and highly sensitive method for the evaluation of the toxic effect of the chemicals on leukopoiesis has been provided by culturing mouse bone marrow cells in a semi-solid agar medium in the presence of purified colony stimulating factor (CSF) [8].

Associations of Leukopoiesis with chemical compounds


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