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Chemical Compound Review

ACMC-1AQEZ     2-hydroxypentanedioic acid

Synonyms: AG-D-62814, CHEBI:17084, AC1Q5SSV, CTK0B4621, AR-1E2744, ...
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Disease relevance of hydroxyglutarate


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Chemical compound and disease context of hydroxyglutarate


Biological context of hydroxyglutarate


Associations of hydroxyglutarate with other chemical compounds


Gene context of hydroxyglutarate

  • We determined the optical isomer of the 2-hydroxyglutaric acid (2HG) that was elevated in the urine of five Japanese children with a mild form of glutaric aciduria type II (GA2), caused by a deficiency of electron transfer flavoprotein (ETF) or ETF-ubiquinone oxidoreductase (ETF-QO) [16].
  • We propose that in the hydroxyglutarate pathway these oxidoreductases work in the reverse direction, whereby the reduction of ferredoxin by NADH is driven by the Na(+) gradient [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of hydroxyglutarate


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