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Disease relevance of Microfilming


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Associations of Microfilming with chemical compounds

  • The offshoots of the Library are discussed, including the International Microform Journal of Legal Medicine, which was the first journal of its type in medicine [10].

Gene context of Microfilming

  • Thus the question arises: do the CE always represent microforms of the Van der Woude syndrome, or are they only pathogenic similarities of a variable etiology [4]?
  • The significance of microforms of CLP for anomalies and malformations of the jaws and face [11].
  • In hyperthyroid rats, a significant reduction (37% relative to controls) in the concanavalin A-non reactive microform of AFP, was observed [12].
  • Correlation of hypodontia with systemic disease leads to the hypothesis that this frequent dental anomaly may in some cases be a microform of systemic ectodermal dysplasia [13].


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