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Disease relevance of Laurus


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Biological context of Laurus


Associations of Laurus with chemical compounds

  • Anticonvulsant activity of the leaf essential oil of Laurus nobilis against pentylenetetrazole- and maximal electroshock-induced seizures [7].
  • Significant changes due to the irradiation occurred only in (+/-)-linalool and alpha-terpineol, which are typical components of, for example, coriander and bay leaf [8].
  • Almost complete inhibition of 3-nitrotyrosine formation (91% at 300 microg/ml) was achieved only with the essential oil obtained from the leaves of Laurus nobilis [9].
  • The antifungal activity of Aniba rosaeodora, Laurus nobilis, Sassafras albidum and Cinnamomum zeylanicum essential oils were investigated against 17 micromycetes [10].

Gene context of Laurus


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