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Adolescent Development

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  • Our results provide support for tailoring preventive interventions to the unique needs of children with ADHD and their parents at various stages of adolescent development [10].
  • Despite continued impaired weight growth, pubertal patients do attain essentially normal gonadotrophin secretory responses to LHRH administration and are similar to subjects with constitutional delayed adolescent development in reproductive endocrine physiology [11].
  • Data from these studies show clearly that exposure to high doses of multiple AAS during adolescent development can predispose animals to intense bouts of aggressive behavior during young adulthood [12].
  • During normal adolescent development in males testosterone induces the adolescent growth spurt, at least in part, by increasing GH production via an increase in the amplitude of the peaks of GH which are released, and not by increasing the frequency of GH pulses [13].
  • Adolescent development: advice in ABC of adolescence is potentially misleading [14].


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