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Post-Traumatic Headache

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Disease relevance of Post-Traumatic Headache


High impact information on Post-Traumatic Headache

  • The results may further support the theory that fibres from the C2 level (innervating the occipital part of the head) may be included in the pathogenetic mechanism in cervicogenic headache [3].
  • In a series of 14 patients with cervicogenic headache, cervical nerve blockades (C2-C5 and facet joint C2/C3) have been carried out in order to elucidate possible underlying mechanisms and to evaluate the diagnostic potential of these procedures [4].
  • Glycerol gangliotomy of the second dorsal cervical root in rats: an experimental study to evaluate a minimal invasive approach for the treatment of the chronic cervicogenic headache [5].
  • A computer-based technique to assess the mobility of the cervical spine demonstrated a statistically pronounced hypomobility of the craniocervical joints C0/C2 and an impaired overall mobility of the upper cervical spine (C0-C5) in the cervicogenic headache group [6].
  • Consistent asymmetries of ES2 latency and duration were not found among patients with (unilateral) cervicogenic headache [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of Post-Traumatic Headache


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Post-Traumatic Headache


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