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Headache Disorders

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Disease relevance of Headache Disorders


Psychiatry related information on Headache Disorders


High impact information on Headache Disorders

  • The efficacy of inhibitors of NOS has not been tested in patients with tension-type chronic headache [8].
  • Nerve growth factor (NGF) levels were determined in the CSF of patients with chronic daily headache (CDH) and correlated with levels of sensory neuropeptides [9].
  • These headache syndromes have been shown to respond to melatonin and lithium therapy, both of which have an indirect impact on the sleep-wake cycle [10].
  • The medication, which contained butalbital, was self-administered in escalating doses for the treatment of chronic headaches [11].
  • It was hypothesized that chronic headache patients (n = 83) would be characterized not so much by exposure to a continued surfeit of inherently major life events as by a tendency to appraise cognitively and emotionally any ongoing microstressor or daily hassle as being more arousing or impactful than headache-free controls (n = 51) [12].

Chemical compound and disease context of Headache Disorders


Biological context of Headache Disorders

  • An alteration in serotonin concentration has been found in patients with chronic headache caused by abuse of analgesic substances as well as an up-regulation of 5HT2 platelet receptors, which has been correlated with chronicization of the headache [18].
  • To investigate the relative frequency, clinical characteristics, and associated features of primary chronic daily headache in Omani patients, 171 patients visiting the Neurology Clinic at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital were evaluated [19].

Anatomical context of Headache Disorders


Gene context of Headache Disorders


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Headache Disorders


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