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Disease relevance of Sex


Psychiatry related information on Sex

  • In pejerrey, the phenotypic sex is governed by the temperature during the critical period of sex determination (temperature-dependent sex determination, TSD) [2].
  • Morphological or functional (neurotransmitter) anomalies in androgen actions at the CNS level could also favor radical dissociation between psychological sex and gonadal, hormonal and phenotypic sex in transsexualism [3].

High impact information on Sex

  • On one side, duplications in Xp21, containing the DAX-1 gene, cause phenotypic sex reversal in XY individuals [4].
  • In contrast, the expression of Fig1a correlated with the phenotypic sex: Fig1a was expressed in male juvenile fish exposed to 17 alpha-ethynylestradiol and repressed in fish exposed to 17 alpha-methyltestosterone [5].
  • Sex reversed mice (Sxr) show a DNA arrangement of these sequences in conformity with their phenotypic sex, suggesting that this DNA is closely connected with the determination of sex [6].
  • The Y chromosome breakpoint was in the short arm but proximal to SRY, consistent with her phenotypic sex [7].
  • Pre-spawning adult fathead minnows, in which their phenotypic sex could be determined, were exposed in flow-through systems to three reference substances for 21 days, at 25 degrees C. Male and female fish, held in separate tanks, were exposed to dihydrotestosterone (DHT, androgen), flutamide (anti-androgen) and fadrozole (aromatase inhibitor) [8].

Biological context of Sex

  • This study finds no association between Y-chromosome loci hosting genes other than SRY, and the phenotypic sex, the diagnosis, and the phenotype of the patients [9].

Associations of Sex with chemical compounds

  • The present study reports testosterone (T) levels to which embryos are potentially exposed in the green anole (Anolis carolinensis), a lizard with genotypic sex determination [10].
  • These results suggest that sexual differentiation may begin in the brain prior to gonadal differentiation, supporting the idea that steroid hormone expression in the brain is a key determinant of phenotypic sex in fish [11].

Gene context of Sex


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