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Radiation Dosage

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High impact information on Radiation Dosage


Associations of Radiation Dosage with chemical compounds

  • Xenon-127, which provides photon energies better suited to the Anger camera and reduces radiation dosage to the patient compared with Xe-133, has become commercially available from Brookhaven Laboratories [6].
  • The magnitude of dissimilarity depends on the radiation dosage and on the duration of degradation, and is speculated to be attributable to the specific action of enzymes with respect to the configuration and chemical structure of the PGA sutures [7].
  • Chemotherapy with procarbazine followed by radiation therapy and hydroxyurea during radiation therapy was well tolerated and may play a role in reducing radiation dosages outside the posterior fossa [8].
  • The problem of radiation dosage in the measurement of skin blood flow by xenon-133 [9].
  • Moreover, a necessary radiation dosage for complete inactivation of A. acidoterrestris spores that contaminated dextrin was examined [10].

Gene context of Radiation Dosage

  • In the five-times-per-week group, only 22% of patients tolerated the full initially planned IFN dosage and 44% tolerated the full initially planned radiation dosage, compared to 100 and 86%, respectively, in the three-times-per-week group [11].
  • While the MPD/week was not exceeded, the radiation dosage was substantial and could increase under operating conditions other than those measured [12].
  • Because the latter is correlated with the radiation dosage, 70 Gy is recommended as the maximum dosage for nasopharyngeal carcinoma [13].
  • The Ki-67 pattern might also be used to select patients needing escalated radiation dosage [14].
  • Given the cost of the procedure and the high radiation dosage compared with CCR, a careful assessment of the cost:benefit ratios of HRCT is strongly recommended in CF [15].


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