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Heart Conduction System

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Disease relevance of Heart Conduction System

  • In contrast, the VACT in patients with WPW syndrome remained unchanged during ventricular pacing at rates of 145/min and more before and after atropine, indicating the retrograde conduction was taking place through the Kent bundle [1].

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Associations of Heart Conduction System with chemical compounds

  • Flecainide plasma concentrations correlated to inhibition of a bundle of Kent [7].
  • A histochemical study of some enzymes of glucose metabolism was performed on the heart conduction system of rat, dog, rabbit, pig, calf and lamb [8].
  • The dangerous form of WPW (rapid conduction in the Kent bundle > 240/min in the control state or > 300/min after isoproterenol + AF induction) occurred, respectively, in 3 (21%), 9 (27%), 4 (27%), 1 (6%), and 3 (23%) patients [9].
  • Atropine influence was negative on QRS complex of pattern W i2 cases showing the co-existence of Kent bundle and James fibers or exclusive Kent bundle conduction [10].

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