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Psychiatry related information on Phonetics


High impact information on Phonetics

  • Speech-sound disorder (SSD) is a complex behavioral disorder characterized by speech-sound production errors associated with deficits in articulation, phonological processes, and cognitive linguistic processes [4].
  • Contrary to prevailing wisdom, the planum temporale may not be exclusively dedicated to processing speech sounds, but may be specialized for processing more abstract properties essential to language that can engage multiple modalities [5].
  • Comparing left and right temporal lobe cluster sizes from the words > tones and syllables > tones contrasts on single-subject level demonstrated a statistically significant left lateralization for speech sound processing in the STS/MTG area [6].
  • BACKGROUND: Simple speech sounds such as /ba/ and /da/ differ in the frequency composition of their underlying formants [7].
  • The effects of cocaine on speech sound discriminations was examined to determine whether cocaine's previously demonstrated effect in reducing speech sound discriminability was dependent upon either the type of stimuli employed (simple tones versus complex speech) or the procedure (stimulus detection versus stimulus discrimination) [8].

Biological context of Phonetics

  • This study investigated the effects of decreased audibility produced by high-pass noise masking on cortical event-related potentials (ERPs) N1, N2, and P3 to the speech sounds /ba/and/da/presented at 65 and 80 dB SPL [9].

Associations of Phonetics with chemical compounds

  • Fractal dimensions of speech sounds: computation and application to automatic speech recognition [10].
  • Dimensions of early speech sound disorders: A factor analytic study [11].
  • Deficits were observed on both global measures (WAIS and WRAT) and specific measures (perception of speech sounds, visual suppression, sensory perception, and Trails) [12].
  • Effects of diazepam and delta-9-THC on the discrimination of speech sounds in the baboon [13].
  • The Verbal Comprehension factor (Factor 1) correlated with Speech Sounds Perception Test (SSPT), the Seashore Rhythm Test (SSRT), the Category Test, and memory indices [14].

Gene context of Phonetics

  • Simple exposure to repeated instances of a speech sound during the ERP recording seems sufficient lead to enhancement of P2 [15].
  • Using MEG recordings of the mismatch negativity (MMN, an index of permanent auditory cortical representations of native language speech sounds), we probed the dominant hemisphere for the developing Morse code representations in adult Morse code learners [16].
  • Clinical validity of the Speech-Sounds Perception Test and the Seashore Rhythm Test [17].
  • All but one of the postlingually deaf speakers who received prosthetic hearing reduced speech sound level, SPL [18].
  • The speech sound discrimination abilities of 15 normal-hearing and 15 sensorineural hearing-impaired subjects between 55 and 65 years of age were assessed using videotaped presentations of the Nonsense Syllable Test (NST) [19].


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