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High impact information on Radiochemistry


Biological context of Radiochemistry


Associations of Radiochemistry with chemical compounds

  • Rhodium-105 tetrathioether complexes: radiochemistry and initial biological evaluation [7].
  • Herein we describe the radiosynthesis of an (18)F-labelled resveratrol derivative, 3,5-dihydroxy-4'-[(18)F]fluoro-trans-stilbene ([(18)F]-1), using the Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons reaction as a novel radiolabelling technique in PET radiochemistry for subsequent functional imaging of polyphenol metabolism in vivo [8].
  • Nuclide migration and the environmental radiochemistry of Florida phosphogypsum [9].
  • The basic facility consists of a medical cyclotron (10 MeV proton & 5 MeV deuteron), six lead-shielded hotcells with associated radiochemistry facilities, radiopharmacy and a whole body PET scanner [10].
  • Technetium-99 m complexes of EDTA analogs: studies of the radiochemistry and biodistribution [11].

Gene context of Radiochemistry

  • In contrast to FDG/PET, this technique demands specialized radiochemistry, plasma analysis, and modeling approaches that currently restrict its applicability to a few research PET centers [12].
  • For example, PET imaging is very much a part of Nuclear Medicine now and its expected growth in the future, along with the accompanying cyclotron and radiochemistry complexities, may prove to be a very large bite for any other discipline to follow [13].
  • New production methods for NCA Pt, Ir, Au, Cu and Ga radiotracers are presented, with some details on radiochemistry and quality controls [14].


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