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Consumer Participation

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Disease relevance of Consumer Participation


High impact information on Consumer Participation

  • Subject matter experts, methodologists, and scientific staff are supporting the Task Force in using explicit rules to conduct systematic literature reviews of evidence of effectiveness, economic efficiency, and feasibility on which to base recommendations for community action [2].
  • The Chicago Lung Association, with funding from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois, conducted a community action project to determine the magnitude of the issues in Illinois. The purposes of the VAI Study were to ascertain needs and resources, generate recommendations, and recruit community involvement [3].
  • RESULTS: Primary measures were the FIM instrument and satisfaction with community participation [4].
  • Management of ASS in reef catchments has benefited from the implementation of the Queensland Acid Sulfate Soils Management Strategy through policy development, mapping, training programs, an advisory service, research and community participation [5].
  • The "How to Talk to Your Doctor" community education forums operate under the assumption that information exchange and consumer involvement in healthcare can empower communities in need [6].

Biological context of Consumer Participation


Associations of Consumer Participation with chemical compounds

  • BACKGROUND: This paper describes one outcome of a randomized controlled trial of community action for cancer prevention, Cancer Action in Rural Towns [8].
  • DEC may be used in a variety of regimens which vary in their cost, duration, incidence of side effects and degree of community participation [9].
  • Due to this situation and the failure of DDT spraying to control malaria, a community participation health program (Sukarelawan Penjagaan Kesihatan Primer or SPKP) was developed as an adjunct to current anti-malarial measures during 1987-1991 [10].
  • The focus of this paper is on community participation in the Thai Malaria Control Program. Two projects concerned are reviewed [11].
  • However, stronger official commitments and community participation are needed to improve the programme so that iodized salt will be made more widely available [12].

Gene context of Consumer Participation

  • Consensus was reached on eight clear and valid principles of successful consumer involvement in NHS research, with each principle having at least one clear and valid indicator [13].
  • In Thailand, PHC activity based on community participation was started in 1985, with the following three main themes: (1) Training of Village Health Volunteers (VHV) and Village Health Communicators (VHC), and development of their activities [14].
  • After describing the structure for consumer participation in the AWS in Gwynedd, reasons for the low level of participation found are examined before considering what can be learnt from these early experiences [15].
  • Health policy planning: a look at consumer involvement in Nova Scotia [16].
  • The Inter-American Development Bank considers that health is a component of long-term economic development; it is therefore fostering and participating in the expansion of rural health services with strong emphasis placed on community participation [17].


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