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Lymphoma, Small Noncleaved-Cell

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  1. The chemokine receptor CXCR3 is expressed in a subset of B-cell lymphomas and is a marker of B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Jones, D., Benjamin, R.J., Shahsafaei, A., Dorfman, D.M. Blood (2000) [Pubmed]
  2. Prognostic factors for treatment outcome in autotransplantation of intermediate-grade and high-grade non-Hodgkin's lymphoma with cyclophosphamide, carmustine, and etoposide. Wheeler, C., Strawderman, M., Ayash, L., Churchill, W.H., Bierer, B.E., Elias, A., Gilliland, D.G., Antman, K., Guinan, E.C., Eder, J.P. J. Clin. Oncol. (1993) [Pubmed]
  3. BCL-6 protein expression in AIDS-related non-Hodgkin's lymphomas: inverse relationship with Epstein-Barr virus-encoded latent membrane protein-1 expression. Carbone, A., Gaidano, G., Gloghini, A., Pastore, C., Saglio, G., Tirelli, U., Dalla-Favera, R., Falini, B. Am. J. Pathol. (1997) [Pubmed]
  4. The development of AIDS-associated Burkitt's/small noncleaved cell lymphoma is preceded by elevated serum levels of interleukin 6. Breen, E.C., van der Meijden, M., Cumberland, W., Kishimoto, T., Detels, R., Martínez-Maza, O. Clin. Immunol. (1999) [Pubmed]
  5. Combined modality therapy for adults with small noncleaved cell lymphoma (Burkitt's and non-Burkitt's types). Bernstein, J.I., Coleman, C.N., Strickler, J.G., Dorfman, R.F., Rosenberg, S.A. J. Clin. Oncol. (1986) [Pubmed]
  6. Diffuse aggressive B-cell lymphomas of the gastrointestinal tract. An immunophenotypic and gene rearrangement analysis of 22 cases. Van Krieken, J.H., Medeiros, L.J., Pals, S.T., Raffeld, M., Kluin, P.M. Am. J. Clin. Pathol. (1992) [Pubmed]
  7. Combination chemotherapy for advanced non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of unfavourable histology. Lister, T.A., Cullen, M.H., Brearley, R.B., Beard, M.E., Stansfeld, A.G., Whitehouse, J.M., Wrigley, P.F., Ford, J.M., Malpas, J.S., Crowther, D. Cancer Chemother. Pharmacol. (1978) [Pubmed]
  8. Fractionated cylophosphamide and back to back high dose methotrexate and cytosine arabinoside improves outcome in patients with stage III high grade small non-cleaved cell lymphomas (SNCCL): a randomized trial of the Pediatric Oncology Group. Brecher, M.L., Schwenn, M.R., Coppes, M.J., Bowman, W.P., Link, M.P., Berard, C.W., Shuster, J.J., Murphy, S.B. Med. Pediatr. Oncol. (1997) [Pubmed]
  9. Treatment of aggressive histology lymphoma. Bartlett, N.L. Current opinion in oncology. (1997) [Pubmed]
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