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Periodontal treatment of two siblings with juvenile hyaline fibromatosis.

BACKGROUND AND AIM: Juvenile hyaline fibromatosis (JHF) is an autosomal recessive disease that presents with multiple subcutaneous nodular tumours, gingival fibromatosis, flexion contractures of the joint and hyaline material accumulation in extracellular area. Recently, the causative gene for JHF, capillary morphogenesis protein 2 ( CMG2) was identified. In this case report, periodontal status, treatment and follow-up together with histopathologic evaluation of gingival tissue specimens and mutation screening of two JHF cases are presented. CASE REPORTS: A 10-year-old female (case 1) and her 3-year-old brother (case 2) were first examined in our department with a complaint of gingival hyperplasia in 1991. Symptoms of the disease were detected in two of four siblings in the family. Several gingivectomy operations were carried out over 11 years with hygiene motivation and initial phase therapy. After the last gingivectomy operation in 2002, the patients were reviewed frequently. RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: Although there was linear marginal gingival inflammation, no remarkable enlargement was noted at last appointment. Histopathological findings showed increased amounts of subepithelial nodular connective tissue, thinned epithelial mucosa, separated inter-cellular bridges and decreased numbers of connective tissue cells in gingival tissue samples. Electron microscopic examinations supported the histopathological findings. Mutation screening of CMG2 demonstrated that the siblings were homozygous for a pathogenic missense mutation, V386F. Our clinical findings demonstrate that gingivectomy is useful and frequent periodontal visits are important for maintaining oral hygiene and decreasing growth rate of gingiva in JHF.[1]


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