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Disease relevance of Gingivectomy


High impact information on Gingivectomy


Chemical compound and disease context of Gingivectomy


Anatomical context of Gingivectomy

  • In the "gingivectomy" procedure the wounded area was left to heal by second intention, while in the "flap-excision" procedure the alveolar mucosa was repositioned in a coronal position to achieve complete coverage of the surgically exposed alveolar bone [9].

Associations of Gingivectomy with chemical compounds

  • The treatment consisted of a meticulous mechanical plaque control, chlorhexidine rinses, gingivectomy procedures and a monthly professional prophylaxis [10].
  • Within its limitations, this study suggests that the pocket reduction achieved by the periodontal flap may be sustained for longer periods of time than by the gingivectomy technique in the treatment of cyclosporine A- and nifedipine-induced gingival enlargement [6].
  • When Coe-pak was used, the mean pain score was higher (P less than 0.05) in the group treated with lidocaine-adrenalin 4 to 6 h after gingivectomy than the groups treated with prilocaine-felypressin or mepivacaine [1].
  • All patients were subjected to gingivectomy using 1 type of local anaesthesia (lidocaine + adrenalin) only and covering the surgical areas with either of the 3 different dressings in a randomized study [7].
  • The patient was treated with full mouth gingivectomy and 2-week recall visits for a period of 2 months consisting of oral physiotherapy instructions, scaling, and topical fluoride application [11].

Gene context of Gingivectomy

  • Nd:YAG laser-assisted gingivectomy, bleaching, and porcelain laminates, Part 2 [12].


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