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A comparative study on lipid peroxidation, activities of antioxidant enzymes and viability of cattle and buffalo bull spermatozoa during storage at refrigeration temperature.

A comparative study was conducted to monitor the activities of some antioxidant enzymes, lipid peroxidation and viability of cattle and buffalo bull spermatozoa during storage of semen at refrigeration temperature over a period of 72h. Semen samples, collected from six cross bred cattle bulls (group I) and six Murrah buffalo bulls (group II), were diluted in egg-yolk-citrate and the spermatozoa were separated from seminal plasma by centrifugation at 4 degrees C in a refrigerated centrifuge. The malondialdehyde (MDA) production in group I increased from 1.17+/-0.29 at 0h to 7.50+/-0.52nmol/10(8)spermatozoa after 72h of storage while in group II it increased from 1.99+/-0.26 to 8.70+/-0.10nmol/10(8)spermatozoa in the same period. However, buffalo bull spermatozoa had a significantly higher (p<0.05) lipid peroxidation at 0h as well as at 12, 24 and 48h (p<0.01) periods. The activities of antioxidant enzymes viz. SOD, GPx and G6PD in both the groups showed a similar pattern of change i.e. the activities declined successively in spermatozoa and increased in the seminal plasma. However, the activities of these three enzymes remained significantly higher in the cattle bull spermatozoa than that in buffalo bull spermatozoa. Amount of MDA produced in spermatozoa of both the groups was negatively correlated while SOD, GPx and G6PD activities in spermatozoa were positively correlated to the motility and viability of spermatozoa. Sperm motility as well as viability was significantly less (p<0.05) in group II than that in group I. SOD, GPx and G6PD activities in spermatozoa of both the groups were negatively correlated to lipid peroxidation of spermatozoa cell membrane. The results showed that the less activities of antioxidant enzymes in buffalo bull spermatozoa was due to higher lipid peroxidation that indicated that they were more prone to oxidative stress as compared to cattle bull spermatozoa when stored at refrigeration temperature.[1]


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