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Disease relevance of Refrigeration


High impact information on Refrigeration


Biological context of Refrigeration


Anatomical context of Refrigeration


Associations of Refrigeration with chemical compounds

  • Reconstituted serum with added glycerol maintained maximum activity before refrigeration during either storage for 30 days or on repeated freezing and thawing [17].
  • The refrigeration unit, together with a heat exchanger and a recirculating pump, cools the modulator to about -30 degrees C. The modulator tube is silica-lined stainless steel with an internal film of dimethylpolysiloxane [18].
  • We describe a simple radioimmunoassay of plasma cortisol, which can be performed in 3 h and which requires no purification, heating, or refrigeration steps [19].
  • Red cells anticoagulated with citrate-phosphate-dextrose (CPD) or a commercial preservative solution containing adenine, sodium chloride, and mannitol (ADSOL) and stored in heat-sealed segments of plastic tubing were tested for antigen stability after refrigeration at 4 degrees C for up to 56 days [20].
  • In addition, compared to amphotericin B as an antifungal genitourinary irrigant, miconazole is prepared more easily, requires less labor and preparation time, and does not require refrigeration or protection from light [21].

Gene context of Refrigeration

  • Specimens for insulin testing require freezing or refrigeration, and specimens for gastrin testing should be stored at -70 degrees C for optimal results [22].
  • These gonadotropins are stable in blood spots for at least a year under refrigeration; LH for at least 8 weeks and FSH 6 weeks at 22 degrees C; and both hormones for a week at 37 degrees C. These methods thus allow self-sampling, serial sampling, and mailing of specimens [23].
  • We conclude that the Becton-Dickinson Urine Culture Kit maintains a stable bacterial population in urine for up to 24 h as reliably as refrigeration [24].
  • RESULTS: The data indicate that treatment of sperm with refrigeration can improve fertilization and PRs during IVF in selected patients previously shown to have an improved SPA value with the treatment [25].
  • Among the potential explanations, the most plausible are the high percentage of dialysis patients treated with Epo, the almost exclusive subcutaneous administration, the larger market distribution of the epoietin-alpha brand, the eventual disruption of the cold chain and the setting-up of a systematic national survey [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Refrigeration


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