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Involvement of LuxR, a quorum sensing regulator in Vibrio harveyi, in the promotion of metabolic genes: argA, purM, lysE and rluA.

Quorum sensing, involving signal transduction via the two-component response regulator LuxO to its downstream target LuxR, controls luminescence in the marine bacterium Vibrio harveyi. LuxR is a DNA binding protein that acts as both activator of the lux operon and repressor of its own gene. In order to determine if any other genes are affected by quorum sensing in V. harveyi, an assay for luxR-dependent promotion was devised using a genomic library maintained in a novel luxAB (luciferase) reporter. Screening in Escherichia coli DH-21 (lacI(sq)) entailed the addition of a second plasmid containing luxR under plac control. Four out of 5000 colonies showed luminescence stimulation upon IPTG induction of luxR. The four luxR-dependent promoters were upstream of argA, purM, lysE, and rluA, genes involved in arginine and purine biosyntheses, amino acid efflux, and pseudouridine synthesis, respectively. Based on analysis of luxR-dependent promoters, particularly that of argA, we describe a LuxR binding site, and implicate the coordination of LuxR with ArgR.[1]


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