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Studies of the androgen binding protein in the rete testis fluid of the ram and its relation to sexual season.

An androgen binding protein (ABP) with an electrophoretic mobility (Rf) of 0.56 is present in the rete testis fluid of adult rams. Its steroid specificity was found to be in the following order: 5alpha-DHT, testosterone, oestradiol-17 beta, dehydroepiandrosterone 5beta-DHT, androstenedione, cyproterone, cyproterone acetate, cortisol and progesterone. The characteristics of the ABP are similar to those found for the ABP of the testis and the epididymis of the rat and the rabbit. The concentration of ABP, determined by the dextran-coated charcoal method and sometimes confirmed by the steady-state polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis method, was significantly higher in the breeding season than in the non-breeding season (4.40 +/- 0.98 X 10(-9) M vs. 2.60 +/- 0.62 X 10(-9) M; P less than 0.037). The affinity constant of the ABP was independent of the season (2.45 +/- 0.21 X 10(9) M-1 vs. 2.66 +/- 0.1 X 10(9) M-1; NS). In addition, ABP was positively correlated with 5alpha-DHT (r = 0.506; P less than 0.0009), testosterone (r = 0.445; P less than 0.0003), total protein (r = 0.329; P less than 0.02) and spermatozoa (r = 0.406; P less than 0.006) in the RTF and with blood plasma testosterone (r = 0.584; P less than 0.0001). Furthermore, testosterone and 5alpha-DHT in RTF were positively correlated (r = 0.582; P less than 0.0001). These androgens were also correlated with plasma testosterone (r = 0.262, P less than 0.052 for testosterone in RTF; r = 0.341, P less than 0.018 for 5 alpha-DHT). Total proteins and spermatozoa were found to be positively correlated in the RTF (r = 0.789; P less than 0.0001).[1]


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