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Anti-endothelial cell antibodies: detection and characterization in sera from patients with autoimmune hypoparathyroidism.

In a previous report, we described antibodies in autoimmune hypoparathyroidism (AHP) that are cytotoxic for cultured bovine parathyroid cells. In the present study, we show that sera from six AHP patients, but not from 26 patients with other autoimmune diseases or from 7 healthy subjects, react with bovine endothelial cells in culture (by flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy) and in tissue sections (by immunohistology). We found uniformly that the immunoglobulin class reacting is IgM. Adsorption experiments showed that the antigenic determinants reacting with AHP sera were similar on bovine cultured endothelial cell membranes and in tissue sections of bovine parathyroid glands. The AHP sera also reacted with endothelial cells cultured from bovine adrenal medulla and pulmonary artery. Immunoblot analysis showed antibody binding to two major bands of 200 and 130 kDa solubilized from the membrane fraction of bovine parathyroid endothelial cells. Only one AHP serum consistently recognized endothelium-related structures on frozen sections of three different human parathyroid adenomas; two other sera reacted with one adenoma each; and three did not react with human adenomas. This indicates that human material is less suitable than bovine in detecting endothelium-related immune phenomena in AHP sera. The anti-endothelium IgM antibodies appear to be disease-specific but are not organ- or species-specific. The identification of endothelial cells as the target for antibodies in AHP raises the possibility that the endothelium subserves an important local function for endocrine epithelium.[1]


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