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A tubulo-cisternal endoplasmic reticulum system in the potassium transporting marginal cells of the stria vascularis and effects of the ototoxic diuretic ethacrynic acid.

Sections of metal impregnated tissue and freeze-fracture have been used to examine intracellular membrane systems in marginal cells of the stria vascularis in mammalian cochleae. A continuous network of elements of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum was revealed. Notable features of this system were a series of flattened cisternae just inside and parallel with the lateral plasma membrane in continuity with an apical network of tubules, cisternae and sheets oriented in parallel with the luminal membrane. The whole system was closely associated with mitochondria. These characteristics suggest that the potassium transporting marginal cells possess a tubulo-cisternal endoplasmic reticulum (TER) like that found in many sodium transporting epithelial cells. The lateral elements of the TER dilated, appearing like vacuoles, and opened to the lateral extracellular space in response to the effects of ethacrynic acid. This diuretic impairs ion transport in the stria vascularis. It is suggested that the TER in marginal cells is involved in the transport of ions and fluid from the cell to the intercellular space when ion balance is disturbed and may play a role in cell volume regulation.[1]


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