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Stria Vascularis

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Associations of Stria Vascularis with chemical compounds

  • Because EP was depressed by vascular perfusion of Ba2+, an inhibitor of inwardly rectifying K+ (Kir) channels, but not by either 4-aminopyridine or tetraethylammonium, we examined the expression of Kir channel subunits in cochlear stria vascularis, the tissue that is supposed to play the central role in the generation of positive EP [7].
  • The phospholipase C-gamma isozymes were expressed in supporting cells, the stria vascularis, and certain fibrocytes where they possibly participate in activating tyrosine kinase and modulating ion conductances [16].
  • A tubulo-cisternal endoplasmic reticulum system in the potassium transporting marginal cells of the stria vascularis and effects of the ototoxic diuretic ethacrynic acid [26].
  • In the stria vascularis, gold particles were sparse over the endolymphatic luminal surface of the marginal cells but were numerous over the basolateral membrane [27].
  • The application of 1 mM ouabain and removal of external K+ caused a most striking increase in [Na+]i of the suprastrial fibrocytes, followed by the stria vascularis and the type II fibrocytes, but no detectable response in the type I fibrocytes [28].

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